Fees & Tuition

How Fees are Allocated and Used:

Tuition: Grace Academy is a private school and relies on the payment of tuition fees to cover operational costs. This includes human resources, ongoing staff development and the resources needed in the classroom.

Capital Fund/Maintenance Fees: These funds go towards the physical development, building, facilities and IT infrastructural development of the school. Through these fees, we can provide the resources and equipment needed as well as support and maintenance. Maintenance fees also allow Grace Academy to provide a safe and clean environment for the children, and cover the subscription costs for our learning and school management systems.

Late Payment: Prompt payment of fees reduces administrative costs and contributes to good planning and management at the school. A late fee charge of $100 TT may be added to your account for late payment of fees.

School Financial Information 2022_2023.pdf

Tuition Assistance Programme:

Grace Academy takes into consideration the diverse needs of all our students. In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial situations of some families, the school adjusted the fee payment structure to facilitate them without affecting the ability of our students to receive their education.

The Tuition Assistance Programme further supports this objective while also ensuring the school can continue to operate effectively and efficiently, and is not hindered by the reduction in tuition being received.

Once proof of hardship is received along with an application for the Tuition Assistance Programme, the fee payment schedule can be restructured, or the tuition may be reduced or waived for a period of time, at the discretion of the Principal. However, a new application must be submitted at the end of each period to determine the need for continued assistance.

Families benefiting from reduced and waived tuition must ensure that students’ attendance to classes are regular, assignments and assessments are completed as required, and satisfactory achievement is maintained.

The Tuition Assistance Programme only caters for the students’ tuition fees. All other fees remain due and payable.

Contact the office for more information.